The Sandwich Generation


From the Perspective of the Sandwich Generation: The View From Nana and Papa's


I'm part of the growing number of Americans who are caring for aging parents (or wringing their hands in anticipation of it) and raising a child simultaneously.

Saved by a Pound of M&Ms

One cold afternoon I was waiting for my sister to come home from school, and I was approached by two of what I can only categorize as big people, since they looked about twice my nine-year-old height.

The Labelling of Generations

The Battle Against Alzheimers

We've always known that involving our parents in our children's lives is important for their cognitive development, and that physical and mental exercise are key to overall health later in life. Research described in Psychology Today suggests that such activity is critical to fighting Alzheimers disease.

Baby Boomer Attitudes Toward Money

We had piggy banks when I was growing up. My parents and other relatives gave us silver dollars and half dollars, hoping that our lack of familiarity with the coins would motivate us to save them. That worked until the summer following fifth grade. We started raiding our piggy banks to finance our frequent trips to the corner store, and when the pennies and nickels were depleted, those silver dollars and half dollars became fair game.

In my early twenties, I foolishly ran with the advice of a therapist who applauded my shopping excursions as a healthy step in the direction of self love -- and loved myself right into some whopping credit card debt. In recent years, I've heard scary stories about the cost of home care, and have wondered many times if I shouldn't be buying long-term care insurance for myself. Read more about money management for baby boomers.