Mother Working From Home

Moving On to the Next Thing
by Staff, April/May 2004

Ross Perot used to say this, and we can't even remember the precise contextbut the application for work-at-home moms is simple. Remember Ross Perot?  The guy who was running for president a few (many) races ago?  He wasn't exactly polished, but he was straighforwardalmost folksy in his use of uncomplicated language that didn't exclude the simple and the plain-spoken. 


All that to say, when you've had your head in the proverbial ovens of web design and internet marketing for several hours a day, and you've decided to take a mommy-break, you need to consciously lay down the Marketing-Director-In-Training hat. Understanding the concepts and seeing how they all work together might be fascinating for you, but rest assured, it is less so for the moms coloring in the children's section of the local library. 


Keep in mind that networking with other moms, in your capacity as parent, is just as important as making business contacts. 


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