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Romancing the Jar
—by Zoe McNamara for

In the months after my second pregnancy, I was confident that my baby was getting enough to eat. She was on formula then, and every night I'd prepare a batch of bottles for the next day's meals. It became like clockwork.

Long Distance Birth Celebrations

How to celebrate your pregnancy when the friends and family members you’d love to include don’t share your zip code.

Learn more about online baby registries and for more pregnancy planning help, have a look at this

Formulating a Birth Plan
When it was our turn, we were all amazed at the array of choices, and impressed at the ways moms are taking charge of the process.

In Praise of Orange Juice

—by Staff,

It’s offered as part of a continental breakfast. It’s one of your options (along with a bag of nuts) after the captain turns off the Fasten Seat Beat sign. Behold humble orange juice—along with green leafy vegetables, meats, whole grain breads and legumes, it’s a great-tasting source of folic acid (essential for fetal development). If you like the orange taste, but your true love is chocolate, Lindt makes an excellent chocolate-orange truffle. We used to reward ourselves with them after lunch-hour dental appointments—cleanings, ironically. We’ve seen it grace chicken recipes and enliven sweet potatoes. Our favorite is the pulp-free added-calcium variety in the grab-and-go bottle.

Parenting Poems

Celebrating everything from the first steps to the first car.

Packing The Hospital Bag

—by Tricia Wellington for  


You’re packing for a three-day trip like no other.  Women who are about to become moms for the first time will return home with a whole new identity. Here are our suggestions for staying comfortable while you're away.

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The Amazing Near-Accuracy of Folk Wisdom

by Tricia Wellington for


While I was waiting for my daughter to be born, I cried a lot.  My dear aunt spent a lot of time on the phone with me, drying my tears long distance.  She begged me not to be upset, and couched her reasoning in folk wisdom. I thought her sense of urgency about the matter was sweet, but I largely disregarded the warning.


As it turns out, there are convincing science-based reasons for toning down the angst during pregnancy:  Pregnant women who sob like I did that year are more likely to give birth to hyperactive babies, and kids who struggle to pay attention will certainly suffer in a classroom setting. 


So there you have it.  If lone moms are weeping over their predicament during those very critical months, the statistics about kids raised in one-parent families are no big surprise.


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Pregnancy and Self-Image
—by Staff,

If the inability to address your appearance in ways you want is seriously interfering with your self-image, read on.