Amusements for Children

Amusements for Children: The Memory Quilt

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A friend recently suggested a project with a nice home-made touch, and one that will finally ensure a safe place for my daughter's first little wardrobe--the adorable clothes she sported during her first ten months; and all the cute outfits I've faithfully stored in the back of the closet and lugged on two long distance relocations.

Images Presented in Kids' Books

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Of approximately two-hundred nursery rhymes from the average collection, one hundred or so glorify all that is wonderful about childhood.

The Spirit of Massachusetts

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Massachusetts is one of the five best states in which to raise a family. It's culturally diverse, historically significant, and nowhere else in the country can a tart, marginally-attractive fruit like the cranberry inspire such loyalty and local pride.

Internet Connections for Busy Parents

Babies at the Movies?

Now mothers with small children can look forward to the smell of freshly-popped popcorn and a comfy chairsomewhere other than their own living rooms.  Reel Moms, a program available at Loews Cineplexes, offers the opportunity for moms to bring their babies to the movies.  Stroller check is available. Grown-ups pay the regular ticket price, and babies get in free.