Child Development

Name Trains

We learned a song on the children's channel that describes our latest mealtime adventure: 'I used to use a bottle, but now I use a cup...'

Counting Videos

by Tricia Wellington for 


Near the end of my pregnancy, I couldn't sit still, and one of my projects was organizing my videos into "Family" and "Grown-Up" themes. I've become so absorbed in analyzing children's media that when I see the cover boxes of some of my old tapes, I wonder why I even bought them.

Bumpy Waking
by Lin Wu for

First, let me confess ignorance in this particular area of child development. Last summer, I whisked my child off to the pediatrician's office, convinced she was having trouble breathing.  By the time the doctor finished examining her, she was perfectly calm, and breathing normally. Night terrors, he announced.  I felt really foolish, and the backpedaling began.

Show Me the Bunny: Language Acquisition

—by Zoe McNamara for 


Ever since I read in a parents' newsletter that kids my younger daughter's age should have a vocabulary, I've been trying to persuade her to speak words instead of pointing and squealing.

Tale of the Missing Nub

—by Sam Medeiros for 


My seventeen-month-old has the habit of gathering things from around the house and throwing them away—or flushing them.

A Bunny in Clothes

—by Lin Wu for

The kids at my assigned table in kindergarten invented a daily game in which anything my mom dressed me in was the “wrong” outfit for that day.