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After having had much to say about taking on the care of aging elders while trying to raise one's own children, we decided to try it ourselves. The result? The little turnip has expanded her vocabulary to include “sunblock,” “ice-cream truck,” “swimsuit” and “bug.” She can now reach the pedals on her tricycle, she “reads” aloud for the benefit of anyone within earshot, and is attempting to take over the responsibility for brushing her teeth. We've gained a new perspective on American-style healthcare. Browse our pages to hear more about the outcome of our efforts.

This month, we ll be offering our first children’s book, with two more in the works. We're still planning a new section for lone fathers, called Dad's Place. You'll also find offerings on child safety, and the fabulously creative business contributions of moms to their communities.

Read about creative ways to spend family-time, and browse our suggestions for family outings.  Gain insight into various styles of childrearing. Find out the standard fare for First Birthday celebrations.   Or just share the delight of first-time parents at watching their little ones link a color, shape or symbol to its correct name.




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Embracing Aging And Disability

The Transition to Stay-at-Home Mom

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Show Me The Bunny: On Language Acquisition

Tale of the Missing Nub

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